Mother’s Day is every day for entrepreneurial mothers.

Posted on April 25 2016

Mother’s Day is every day for entrepreneurial mothers.

While mostly all of us are thinking of celebrating mother’s day in the next days by offering an special gift that represents our love for them, it would be awesome to consider what is behind the preparation, manufacture and care poured into the objet we set our eyes in.

Did you know that a handmade alpaca piece as an scarf or shawl, specially conceived for us, could represent an average revenue of up to 5 times higher than a regular salary in their own counties for entrepreneurial women in South America?

Most importantly, these revenues help them take care of their families in all the challenges as being women they encounter?

These magnificent pieces of art are the results of the empowerment of communities that have gather together to promote prosperity amongst them and to their families.

A social component. One we join by honoring the women and mothers behind the incredible work they produce, who are proud to preserve this ancient art of the Alpaca textile for the generations to come.

SPREAD THE WORD, EXTEND our mother’s love and care to another caring mother.

One more reason to turn our efforts and to acquire a unique piece of the ALPACA yarn & fur, so well called the “Fiber of gods”.

Fair industry!

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By Alpacaoi


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