Alpaca yarn = Hypoallergenic !

Posted on September 25 2016

Alpaca yarn = Hypoallergenic !

Alpacaoi presents the Alpaca yarn, which is free of Lanolin, therefore is Hypoallergenic.

Lanolin is wool-fat substance found in the structure of the sheep’s fiber to help them protect from harsh climates.

Lanolin was discovered by the Greeks, thousands of years ago commonly name as Oesypus. This discovery took place while they were washing their clothes and finding an oily substance as a residue in the water.

Its process of extraction gives a yellow wax result that normally is used in the cosmetic field.

Some dermatological studies have relate this substance to skin allergies depending on the sensibility of each individual, as well it is not recommended in motherhood since it could be transmitted to infants when breast feeding.

In all cases new tendencies inspire the use of organic products or those with absence of lanolin.

Alpaca as natural yarn has no lanolin in its structure therefore is a hypoallergenic, combined with a lighter structure making a lighter fiber than wool; perfect to create the most astonishing designs in clothing, home line & garments.

The absence of lanolin does not affect its natural capabilities of warm, and humidity repellant. Alpacas know this while living at 6000 to 13000 feet above sea level in very cold temperatures!

This is one of the many valued qualities the Alpaca yarn offers and that places it in an upper rang as the NEW yarn in town!

Ancient Peruvian royalty wisely adopted it naming it “The fiber of gods”

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Source: Wikipedia, Mamavation, picture: Lanoline Stella

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