Posted on March 23 2017


For immediate release / Announcement: ALPACAOI has obtained the PERUVIAN SEAL PROMPERÚ.

Toronto, March 21st 2017.

ALPACAOI has been approved as a proudly member of the Prestigious PROMPERÚ family.

“PROMPERÚ (Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion agency) is a decentralized legal entity governed by public law. It operates under the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism”

Amongst its mandates, this agency promotes and helps develop the nation’s finest products and industry. Alpaca industry is part of it.

By joining efforts with PROMPERÚ, ALPACAOI adheres to our common objectives to promote this industry, highlighting and acknowledging the veracity and the Peruvian origin of the goods ALPACAOI offers to its clientele.

ALPACAOI is continually bringing a diverse of exclusive and luxurious accessories and fur garments to the Canadian market. Especially made in Peru from the Alpaca yarn, these products are designed and made to last a lifetime, while being trendy and fashionable.

More about the Alpaca yarn-.

This a natural fiber harvested from the Alpacas. These beautiful and friendly animals live in the Andes Mountains, They are cover by a natural hair with qualities to withstand the harsh climate conditions of their habitat Soft and durable, it is a luxurious and a silky fiber. While being similar to sheep wool, and soft as cashmere, the Alpaca yarn is warmer, lighter, more resistant, while being non-prickly and lanolin free, making it hypoallergenic.

“Alpaca yarn has great properties that makes it the best fleece to use in the crafting of everyday life accessories such as our scarves, shawls, throws, covers, and endless applications.” – Jazmin Abuchaibe, CEO.

Water-repellent and difficult to ignite Alpaca yarn is naturally elastic making it easy for knotting, resulting in high-end sophisticated products.

More about ALPACAOI-.

ALPACAOI is a Toronto based Canadian company. The company offers a selection of goods made out of Alpaca fleece with the mission of providing Canadians with handmade quality and comfortable wearable woolen products. Products ranging from scarves, shawls, gloves, hats and other accessories to house products such as bedspreads, cushions, tablecloth’s, baby line and more, offered in a large selection of colors and unique designs, the company innovates in the industry. Having dealers throughout North America and more locations to come, products can be found and bought directly online at The company ships worldwide.

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