Know the DIFFERENCE between ALPACA and BABY ALPACA hair

Posted on November 21 2017

Know the DIFFERENCE between ALPACA and BABY ALPACA hair


When looking for a luxurious accessory as a unique scarf, a cape or a shawl, that you want to wear for a cocktail, a wedding, for work, or just to complement your everyday outfit, most of all of us look for the warmest, finest and luxurious materials. 

Alpaca hair is one of the most sophisticated one and an original one as well.

Even though most of us at first may think that Baby alpaca term is attributed to the smallest animal of the heard, this term has nothing to do with the age of this beautiful, friendly and funny creature.

In the variety of Alpaca hair, Baby Alpaca is the most appreciated since it is the first shearing of the animal

Baby Alpaca is characterized as a thinner and finer hair than the one that is obtained later.

These make Baby Alpaca hair more appreciated and unique, therefore more expensive.

So next time you see alpaca products in the market, remember to look for the finest and purest Alpaca hair.

Good shopping for this holiday season!

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