WEAR OF GIFT one of our ALPACA pieces proudly!

Posted on October 25 2018

WEAR OF GIFT one of our ALPACA pieces proudly!

South America is a source of endless inspiration with a hard community work.

We find our suppliers to be our hidden gem and  a secret weapon :-) in order to provide us with the most wonderful designs and ancient techniques in the alpaca world.

Most of the pieces we offer are handmade or hand finished and they give incentives to remote communities in the Andes to look forward to a better future for individuals and their families.

We are proud to back the Peruvian heritage by carrying only the best of the best: the ALPACA yarn, the “FIBER of GODS” as Peruvians proudly call this respected industry.

Help us spread the word about their work.

Visit us @ www.alpacaoi.com and wear or gift one proudly!

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