Alpacas are these funny animals that live at 6000 to 13000 feet above sea level.They are raised in Los Andes, this magnificent and imposing mountain chain, that provides a unique environmental and adequate place for them despite its harsh climate and geography. 

Alpaca industry was born in Europe and developed in South America with the ancient technology and tradition of the Latin American aboriginals bringing the finest raw and amazing material, which transformed, cover us in comfort and well being in our daily lives.              


Did you know that the Alpaca yarn is HYPOALLERGENIC? That it's noble fiber is LIGHTER therefore easier to layer during colder temperatures, and equally easy to adapt during warmer periods of the year. A LUXURIOUS and SOFTNESS "FIBER OF THE GODS" as many natives of the Peruvian Andes refer to this wonderful fabric. Discover the beauty and softness of this UNIQUE gift of nature!